CLEC Networks a Facility Based Carrier offers interconnection over several methods to its Local and Long Distance Tandems which include TDM and VoIP. This gives Carriers greater flexibility even if not physically located with the same Centrai Office, Tandem, or LATA where the Company does not have facilities available. CLEC Networks offers TDM utilizing SS7 signalling over A-Links, F-Links, and SIGTRAN. For VoIP we offer SIP connectivity utilizing SIP or SIP-T for advanced IP Signalling. All Local and Long Distance traffic is routed over separate trunk groups for Jurisdiction over TDM facilities or SIP. Under SIP-T Interconnection with Jurisdiction Information Parameter (JIP)being sent a Carrier may request a single trunk group for all traffic.

Connection to the Company’s SMS-C or SMS Gateways to exchange Short Message Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messages Service (MMS) can enable the exchange of these services.

Virtual Collocation – SIP-T InterConnect


Looking to expand your Foot Print but its cost prohibited but the need is there. CLEC Networks can act as your Point of Interconnection (POI) for routing of your DIDs, SMS, or MMS Traffic to your network. This enables Carriers, VoIP providers to own their own DIDs and eable your own WTN porting and E911 access. CLEC Networks act as your Local and Access Tandems. CLEC Networks makes the cost of expansion a extremely cost effective and enable your company access to a LATA 10 times faster and cheaper than deploying our own facilities. What could cost tens of thousands a month and hundreds of thousand for equipment to build out could cost only a thousand or two to start and maintain.

Wholesale Voice


Carrier Termination has changed dramatically over the last 10 years with Domestic rates varying by RBOC, Independent, CLEC, CMRS by State and LATA. With all of that entered Inter-Carrier Compensation and the issues it has created. With the FCC cracking down on arbitrage and illegal routing to lower costs completion of some calls and call quality have suffered. CLEC Networks doesn’t offer different quality levels of termination to our retail subscribers and we don’t to our wholesale customers either. We offer the best value when it comes to routes, high quality at the best possible rates. We may not be your first route in your LCR table but we sure will get traffic when other won’t complete or your customers complain about the quality. We even have fraud controls to protect you that you can help us set up for you. Since your service is prepaid we work with you to limit your exposure to fraud. We can do this by dollar or minute amount by day or by country or destination. This value added makes our product more valuable than most. When your customers mean as much to you as ours do then our platform will put you mind to ease. With 24X7 support and online ticketing a response is not a day away or even hours, it’s just minutes. Beyond the Domestic US CLEC Network has Several key routes into Asia with High ASRs and ALOCs with a very competitive cost per minute. Some with CLI and some without but quality is Tier One quality.