Welcome to CLEC Networks, Inc.

Established in 2019 Our Network was built with vision and design for the needs of services and applications for today and into the future.

Tomorrow’s networks both fixed and mobile networks will all be IP based and applications will need more bandwidth and faster networks. IMS, SMS, MMS, and real time applications like VoIP and streaming are driving network design and intelligence needs. These services need the bandwidth and intelligence and are the key to designing and maintaining a network for tomorrow and beyond. At CLEC Networks our 50 years in telecom engineering and design sets us apart from most carriers, and we see the future and where our network and the service it can provide are going. Join us.

Our network is designed for a Carriers Carrier, a Large Enterprise, a Small Business, and beyond suitable for Residential customers. Since its built for the most complicated customer it works for all customers. The benefits of building this network for the most complicated customer it this trickle down benefit effect from the largest customer to the smallest. Our Network is customer agnostic.

Unlike a VoIP, Application Service Provider or only a Reseller of services now you can deal directly with the Carrier and get better service and value. Experience the difference and call CLEC Networks and discover why we are just simply better.